Hello North Carolina!  I hope Spring is warming your hearts, and I pray the Resurrection warms your soul!

Today is April the 12th, 2017.  You may be familiar with this day of the month, or it may just ring a bell – it is the date on the bottom of the North Carolina State flag, and it refers to the Halifax Resolves of 1776.

On April 12th, 1776, 83 Delegates from across the State of North Carolina, today we say, “from Manteo to Murphy,” met in the booming trade town of Halifax, NC to finalize what had been started in Mecklenburg County on May 30th, 1775, the formal declaration of independence from the British King.  North Carolina thus became the first State on the American Continent to declare independence and become a sovereign nation.

This is why our license plates now once again (as they did in the old days) “First In Freedom.”

Now it is time to take up and continue to march onward towards the liberty our forefathers in Halifax, Mecklenburg, and across North Carolina put their lives on the line (and many paid in blood) to secure for their posterity and to us, today.

It is my prayer, this Resurrection season, that every one of us, in our own way, will stand up and press forward in the fight for truth and right.  Quoting the minutes of the Fourth Provincial Congress, meeting at the Halifax Courthouse:

And whereas the moderation hitherto manifested by the United Colonies and their sincere desire to be reconciled to the mother Country on Constitutional Principles, have procured no mitigation of the aforesaid Wrongs and usurpations and no hopes remain of obtaining redress by those Means alone which have been hitherto tried, Your Committee are of Opinion that the house should enter into the following Resolve, to wit


Resolved that the delegates for this Colony in the Continental Congress be impowered to concur with the other delegates of the other Colonies in declaring Independency, and forming foreign Alliances, resolving to this Colony the Sole, and Exclusive right of forming a Constitution and Laws for this Colony, and of appointing delegates from time to time (under the direction of a general Representation thereof to meet the delegates of the other Colonies for such purposes as shall be hereafter pointed out.

In that fine tradition, I would like to let you all know that I have decided to run for Chairman of the Second District Republican Party.

We have seen both what comes from a deep reliance on the establishment political leaders, most of whom go tone deaf, and move on to lose touch with those who put them into office, and a hastily placed trust in a stranger, who will buck the system until someone breaks.

I believe it is time for a new generation to step up and guide the Party through the impending era of the Millennial Voter.  One who can be trusted to stand fast to conservative and Constitutional principles, who has worked in the Party for a decade and is known to the Republicans of this District, and one who can draw in the Tea Parties, liberty Republicans, and now the emerging Millennial Right.

We had a great election in 2016, but the midterms are always hard on the Party in power.  The 2018 election is going to be hard on Republicans no matter what we do, but what we can do right now is to broaden our outreach to Second District voters and inspire a coalition.   If we do not start to broaden our outreach, then we will soon be facing a serious generational problem.

It is my goal, as it has always been, to unite the disparate factions of the Republican Base by opening lines of communication at every level and with every voter.  It is my own mentality, and one I hope to inspire in those around me, that the Republican Party is there to provide a kind of customer service for all Republicans.  Consider that the American Franchise is a precious right of citizenship that has changed the entire world.  In exchange for that value, the Republican Voter deserves a level of customer service that would inspire an import car dealer.

The Party exists to connect the Republican voter with the men and women they elect.  We are all Republicans, together, and it is time that we start to appropriately leverage social media to connect to Second District Republicans in their every day lives.

I am running on the voter service model. I would like to bring voters closer to the Republicans they elect, provide those same Republicans with advanced tools to communicate and interact and hear from with Second District Republicans, and to widely broaden the scope of Republicans who become active in our Party by reaching out to Millennial voters with a message of Republican Conservatism they can relate to.

Thank you for your time, and please do consider voting Glen Bradley for Chairman of the Second District Republican Party!

Glen Bradley
Candidate for 2nd District GOP Chairman

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