I went down to Lee County on Friday for #MAGAFridays to talk with Jim Womack, candidate for Chairman of the NCGOP, who I trust and support for Chair.  We spoke at length about the condition and direction of the North Carolina Republican Party, and how best we can expand Republican outreach and grow Republican victory in 2018 ― and beyond.

We both believe that the Republican Party should represent and be beholden to all Republican voters ― not just a wealthy or influential few.  We both believe in open quarterly Executive Committee meetings.  We both will ensure that a much broader – and younger – base of conservatives are energized and activated.

We are the Party of the representative Republic.  If we do not hold true to our own values of representation, then we will not produce such principles in public office, and so we are today beset with myriad politicians and the rare statesman.  The statesman is an exception to the rule, in large part because the Party does not do our job in facilitating a bridge between candidate and base.

If Governor McCrory had been advised by a Republican instead of a lobbyist, he would not have alienated the entire coast, and I believe that he would still be our Governor today.  If the North Carolina Republican Party had organized better such that every conservative in NC knew who and where the Judges were on the ballot, we would still hold the Supreme Court too.

We lost important offices in 2016 – when we had a tailwind – because we had a Central Committee more focused on internal power struggles than on tilling the fields for Republican victory and doing the work to communicate critical information to Republican and conservative voters.  We cannot trust the same team to lead us into 2018 and 2020 when we will walk straight into a headwind.

We know that to do something different, first we have to change the way things are done.  If we are aware of the problem that the impending electoral dominance of the Millennials will bring to conservatism and to the Republican Party, then we need to be about the business of electing Party Officers capable of reaching out to conservative youth.

When the Party is in the hands of conservative Republican Constitutionalists, then it will become a new creature, and attractive once again to the disaffected as we begin to enact conservative principles at the federal and State levels.  These old and pointless squabbles will pass away like chaff, and the Republican Party will emerge, traveling from victory to victory.

Please consider voting for me, Glen Bradley, for Chairman of the Second District Republican Party on Saturday, April 22nd in Knightdale, NC and also voting for Jim Womack for Chairman of the State Party on Saturday, May 3rd in Wilmington, NC.

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