[Glen Bradley attempting to educate the Libertarian Candidate for President. (I don’t think it ‘took.’ – GB)]


I served in the North Carolina State House, I am a professional IT business owner, and a United States Marine.

I am a Christian who will defend the right of conscience for everyone.  I believe the Republican Party is for Republicans, and not for special interest stakeholders.

I am a strict Constitutionalist who cannot be bought, and I would rather die than sell out.  My public record demonstrates that I will stand for the fundamental conservative principles and the rights of citizens even when I have to do it standing alone, but that we all do our best work when we all work together.

I believe that the Second District Republican Party can effectively organize all the way down to the precinct, and engage Republicans at all levels to take an interest and participate, not only in Party events, but also to more fully participate in elections.

Republicans who are invested in the political process, are more likely to vote, and vote Republican.  This simple math means Republican victory even in hard years.

We are moving into a tough election year for Republicans, and if we remain unable to connect with Millennial conservatives, we may be in trouble come 2018.  But I have a different vision for the Republican Party.  One where we reach out to disaffected conservatives and bring them to the polls in record numbers.

So we have to buckle down and do the work of reaching out to fresh Republicans if we are going to maintain Republican majorities far into the future.  As I have been advocating for a decade, I will be inclusive of the entire conservative Big Tent, and reconcile disgruntled Republicans back to the Party.

The very foundation of the Republican Party is a big tent grassroots coalition built from the ground up to preserve, protect, and defend our Constitutionally guaranteed rights.

My Republican Party goes back through Ron Paul, Barry Goldwater, Robert Taft, and John C. Frémont.  Today, it is all the more important that we become the Republican Party of our children and grandchildren.

Join me at Faith Baptist Church in Knightdale tomorrow, April 22nd, registration opens at 1 PM and cast your vote for Glen Bradley for Chair of the Second District Republican Party!

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