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“Bradley is facing Nash County Commissioner Lisa Barnes in the Republican primary race for N.C. House District 7, but the best choice for voters next Tuesday is clearly Bradley….

Not getting along with then-Speaker, now U.S. Senator Thom Tillis, earns Bradley a few points out of the gate.

…If Bradley were elected… This could mean a healthy amount of positive influence on legislation, especially if the super-majority thins, or is lost altogether. Essentially a House Freedom Caucus on a state level.

The District 7 incumbent is Democrat Rep. Bobbie Richardson… who currently serves as the minority whip in the House and serves on the Executive Committee of the N.C. Democratic Party.

If anyone is going to best Richardson in the general election, it will be the candidate that offers a clear alternative to the Democrat while articulating a formidable defense of the conservative values that Nash and Franklin counties embody.

Bradley is clearly that candidate, especially considering that Barnes is pushing Big Government policies identical to those filed by the Democrat incumbent.