None of our rights come from the government, all of our rights come from God.  The purpose of government, in the eyes of our Framers, is to safeguard those rights. 

It is for the security of a free state that the people at large may form militia.  Security means to keep, and a free state should mean freedom.  To keep the people free, it is imperative that the people are free to be armed and free to form militia.  This is for many reasons and works on many levels.  The purpose is *not* to overthrow the government, it is to keep the installed governments mindful of the people’s rights.  It is a check and a balance on power installed by the Framers of the US Constitution.

In order to do that, they instituted a new thing into governance, and that was checks and balances on power.  The three branches of government would be checked and balanced against one another, the federal and state governments would be checked and balanced against one another, and the people and their government would be checked and balanced against one another.

The original idea behind the right to bear arms, was as a check and a balance against tyranny.  Not that the people should revolt, but that standing governments should have a fear of the possibility, and thereby govern better.  The purpose of the Second Amendment is not to overthrow the government, but to make the government think twice before going somewhere that will make the people want to overthrow them.

Today, arms are imperative for self-defense, home defense, and the defense of personal property in events like mass riots, and to keep foreign nations thinking twice if they want to invade the United States.

I will never support any bill that increases restriction on law abiding gun owners.

I will support any bill that cleanly reduces restrictions on law abiding gun owners.

In the violent chaos that is becoming the 21st Century landscape, personal defense is more important than ever.

I will always work to enhance and expand your right to bear arms.  I will always work to prevent the restriction of it.


NRA-PVF, Grass Roots NC, and NC Gun Rights have all endorsed me for my record on protecting our Second Amendment.  My primary opponent received a B rating from the NRA, and a 0 Star rating from GRNC. For more information, please view my Endorsements page.

Pistol Purchase Permits

North Carolina Pistol Purchase Permits are a relic from segregation and serves no purpose in modern government except to prohibit the purchase of pistols from the people who actually need them the most.  Left leaning and bigoted powers conspired to prohibit people of color from owning firearms.  Without these prohibitions the victims of lynchings may have been able to defend themselves.

We go wrong whenever we restrict the people from firearms or to the right to self-defense.  It is always the people most endangered who are the most restricted.  I will work to repeal Pistol Purchase Permits.

Concealed Carry

I support efforts to streamline the Concealed Carry process in North Carolina.  I further support the effort to bring Constitutional Carry to the State of North Carolina.

School Safety

I support the hiring of veterans and retired Law Enforcement to act as a QRF Quick Reaction Force to shooting events in schools.

I support Administrators and Teachers who volunteer to do so, to undergo 200 hours of close instruction related to responding to incidents in schools, plus 30 hours of year advancements and reinforcement training, and be certified to carry on campus.

I support regular meetings between incident first responders and campus responders, to discuss methods and responses and to reduce friendly casualties in a crisis response.