One of the guarantees contained in the First Amendment to the US Constitution, is the right to the free exercise of religion.  The exercise of religion is complex, and no soul should be subject to the regulation of how an American worships their God.

If a business owner believes it to be a violation of their conscience to produce a custom product, no government has the right to enforce compliance in an act that will violate his right to the free exercise of religion.

I will work to produce a North Carolina Freedom of Conscience Act, to curb federal and State enforcement action against Acts of Conscience and Faith.

I will work to eliminate any market regulations, statutes, or federal law that would require people of faith to violate their conscience.  As it is unconscionable for some taxpayers funds to go to Planned Parenthood, I would allow taxpayers to opt out of select programs known to violate the conscience of large groups of taxpayers.

I would also like to see it where a taxpayer selects, “religious exemption – Abortion providers” and the percentage of the State budget going to abortion providers is discounted from that individual’s income tax payment.