On April 2nd, 1993 I made the transition from Recruit to Marine. Values, indelible, printed into my mind. Honor, courage, commitment. Integrity, and commitment to the mission.

I love the United States, and the idea of the United States enough to lay down my life and defend them both.

In 2011 I took the Oath again as an incoming NC State House Member, with the same burning desire to preserve my Nation and State and the Constitutional ideals which made them flourish.

Fighting to put the federal government back into it’s Constitutional box is not disloyalty, it is the ultimate loyalty because we are at our best and most prosperous when the Constitution is being obeyed.

Fighting to hold the state government accountable to it’s constitution is not party disloyalty, it is true loyalty, because our State is at our best and most prosperous when we obey the Constitution, and we could be the Party that brought freedom and prosperity back. Republicans would rule for a century.

All I want is a federal government that remains strictly within the bounds of the US Constitution, and a State government that fulfills the original intent of the NC State Constitution, and as your representative in Raleigh, I will fight for them both.