What Our District Needs

  • District Meetings should be held regularly, in a timely fashion, and with sufficient notice.
  • Entire counties are now denied representation on the Thirteenth District GOP Executive Committee.
  • Central Committee members ought not to lead coups against duly elected grassroots party officers.
  • Leadership should be more concerned with coming together for the good of the Party to elect Republicans.
  • District Officers should be effective at sharing grassroots issues up as well as sending messages out.
  • Republican district organizations should be hitting lists and inviting district Republicans to get involved.

Who is Glen Bradley?

[Glen Bradley attempting to educate the Libertarian Candidate for President. (I don’t think it ‘took.’ - GB)]   I served in the North Carolina State House, I am a professional IT business owner, and a United States Marine. I am a Christian who will defend the...
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Out with the Old. In with the New.

I went down to Lee County on Friday for #MAGAFridays to talk with Jim Womack, candidate for Chairman of the NCGOP, who I trust and support for Chair.  We spoke at length about the condition and direction of the North Carolina Republican Party, and how best we can...
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April 12th – Halifax Resolves

Hello North Carolina!  I hope Spring is warming your hearts, and I pray the Resurrection warms your soul! Today is April the 12th, 2017.  You may be familiar with this day of the month, or it may just ring a bell - it is the date on the bottom of the North Carolina...
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Establishment leadership brought us here. It’s time to drain the swamp and make America great again!


Chairman Bradley Will…

  • Hold quarterly 2nd District Open Business Meetings.
  • Ensure every County has a seat on the Committee.
  • Support grassroots votes on the Central Committee.
  • Focus on advancing the party, base, and our conservative issues amongst voters and government.
  • Leverage advanced tools to advise Congressman Holding on the positions of 2nd District Republicans.
  • Focus on outreach to 2nd District activist Republicans.
  • Provide deeper district engagement to strengthen common cause, building solid election victories!
  • US Marine Corps Veteran, Marine Air Group 24 G2 and Medium Marine Helicopter Squadron HMM-165 S2 Intelligence Analyst.
  • Self employed field network engineer, installing and servicing major network projects across the nation.
  • Studied Hebrew and Greek at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.
  • Served as 1st Vice Chairman of the Franklin County Republican Party, 2009-2010.
  • Served in the NC State House of Representatives on behalf of Franklin County for District 49, 2011-2012.
  • A strict Constitutional Conservative, and passionate Christian.
  • A solid Republican and Donald Trump voter who will ensure that the interests of the entire Republican Party will be met at the Second District.