Federal Overreach has been becoming a significant issue for the last 30 years since Clinton.  To date, every single State in the Union, except for North Carolina, has passed some legislation pursuant to defending their State delegated powers.  The Leadership in North Carolina has been afraid to seem too controversial, when literally every State in America except for us has done it.


I propose a more refined system of upholding federal Article 6 pursuance, including a process for bringing bills of pursuance up for debate and a technical decision on whether a power is pursuant to the Article 6 Supremacy Clause.

In the future, if Congress passes a bill that interferes with the Constitutionally guaranteed rights of the US Citizens inhabiting our State, a resolution of non-pursuance may be brought to the full joint committee of the whole Legislature to decide yea or nay if the Act in question follows or denies pursuance.

If the Legislature decides that an Act of Congress or an Act of the executive is not pursuant to the delegated powers of the US Constitution, further bills of noncompliance may be issued from the Body.

Federal Violations of the Right to Bear Arms

If there are any unconstitutional federal regulations that are enacted against the right to keep and bear arms, I will immediately pursue a resolution of non-pursuance in the North Carolina General Assembly, and if found not pursuant to Article 6, I will introduce a bill to deny State compliance with regulations that have been found unconstitutional by the full joint committee of the whole North Carolina legislature.