North Carolina needs someone who is paying attention.  In 2011 I was the only No vote on what has become the Common Core Quagmire.  What we need is a State centered education system and not a federally mandated one.

We need an education system based on the needs and the performance of our children, and regulated by their parents at the most local level possible.  More focus needs to be given in preparing students for highly skilled Vocational professions.  STEM subjects need to be emphasized for higher education tracks.

Finally, we need to bring back Civics, and teach every child in Public school the federal and state constitutions, as well as how government works, and how to influence your local, state and federal governments.

Repeal Common Core Educational Standards

I will introduce a bill to repeal North Carolina participation in the Common Core Educational Standards, and form our own North Carolina State Based standard curriculum.  This State level standardized Public School curriculum should be developed by the State School Board, advised by a legislative committee on Public School Curricula, and enacted by the State Superintendent of Education.

STEM Curriculum

One of the first efforts to affect the North Carolina Standard Curriculum will be to emphasize STEM work for students on a higher education track.

Vocational Track

The next thing that must be done is to make a vocational track available for students to become proficient at a wide variety of vocations.

Restore the American Republic to Civics

One of the most important things we must do with the North Carolina Standard Curriculum, is to emphasize Civics.  I would like to require a full semester on the US Constitution, a full semester on the NC State Constitution, another semester on learning how State and federal government actually operates, and a final semester on civic duty, and how to influence local State and federal governments.